About Drew

The founder of Terror Firma, Drew Carson is a published writer and podcaster who was the lead writer on a popular web series in the early 2000s and has had 2 screenplays optioned by Hollywood Studios. 

Drew was the host of the very popular "The Drew Carson Show" podcast where he interviewed everyone from Hollywood actors to a convicted murderer. His eclectic taste for guests helped that podcast reach huge download numbers but his passion was waning towards the end due to the cut throat nature of acquiring certain guests. 

Now refreshed and clear headed Drew has re-found his passion, this time for horror, and is looking to bring to you the latest news, reviews and interviews from all horror media on this very site, the soon to be released on iTunes the "Terror Firma Podcast" and Slash-Cam (Smiletime show). 

So join the slash-club and this time it's safe to say 'I'll be right back!'

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