Thursday, 26 October 2017


So I have been a naughty boy and not posted on the website for awhile and for that I apologize. I had a hectic month with planning Halloween specials, guests backing out of upcoming projects, trying to find replacements that are of equal awesomeness, took an ill advised but well needed vacation and I was repeatedly unwell. None of these are great excuses but are just simply the facts.

I am striving to create something we can all be proud of at Terror Firma Media and also push myself beyond my own perceived limits. I lost focus along the way while constructing the Terror Firma Artist Union over on Facebook taking my eye off of the website and to be honest with you the YouTube channel. 

I am looking to rectify that in the coming weeks. I will be doing wee blog updates about my writing journey adapting TW Brown's Zomblog series. These may be videos or written posts or a mix of both. 

I am also still putting together my little personal project "Mind Garden." Mind Garden is a short documentary where I talk candidly about my issues with social anxiety and PTSD while interviewing other creatives who have found a solution to their own issues through their own creative journeys. I am desperate to have this released on YouTube by Christmas so keep your eye out for that. I will also be doing sporadic blog videos about that project. 

I am also putting together a further documentary for Terror Firma TV & the podcast about writing horror. I will be interviewing some cool authors and filmmakers on this and it will be in a similar vein to the "What Does Halloween Mean To You?" Documentary a few episodes back and may end up being a 2 or 3 parter.

Also we will be bringing some fun interviews to the show in the coming weeks so look out for them. A real mix of celebrities and "true" horror voices so they should be fun and no doubt I will get into trouble on at least one of them. 

In other Terror Firma Media news my old show the Drew Carson Show will be finally making its comeback very soon. I have been hesitant to bring the show back as I am wanting to take that show to the next level. Thanks to a strong and loyal audience and word of mouth that show attained heady listener numbers weekly and was only cancelled because I lost interest in playing the PR game. Now with hindsight I realize that the bullshit and banter that goes with booking guests is worth the fun guests. 

I want to bring the show back and for it to be bigger than ever. It will no longer be a podcast but instead a YouTube series. Ideas going around my head include eventually having live music, stand-up, interviewing guests in person and possibly a set being built and taking the show out of the virtual studio and into a new venue with a fun set and a live audience. To get to that level I will need your help.... No don't worry I don't mean your cash, although if your offering I have a bunch of T-Shirts that you can buy over on the Terror Firma Store lol, no what I need is your help building the word of mouth. I need you to tweet the celebrities you want me to interview and get the name of the show back out there. That will help more than money ever could.

As for the Terror Firma podcast and YouTube shows I have big plans for them also. I want to record more film commentary tracks, roundtables, specials, documentaries, interviews, appearances at events, on location interviews, taking the show on a ghost hunt for fun and of course always being anti-mainstream in content. This is the show that I do for fun, for the sheer joy of hanging out with horror stars, fans my friends to talk shit about the industry. 

We will also be bringing more content to the YouTube channel featuring members of the #TFAUnion in fun and interesting collaborations. So if you are an artistic person or just love film, music, video games, podcasts and all other forms of entertainment then hop on over to FB and send a request to join the best group.... nah the best community on that platform right now. 

Drew 'Terror' Carson CEO of Terror Firma Media


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