Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Empowering The Empowered

last night I had the privilege to sit down and chat with the cast and crew of a proposed new web-series entitled "Empowered". Although this series is not a horror related series I have always believed it is part of my job to help promote "artists" anyway I possibly can and so this week on the Terror Firma podcast you will hear that interview. 

Jarrod Finn, the writer behind the project originally reached out to me via Facebook after we had chatted about film and writing in particular. As some of you may be aware I have a few writing credits to my name and love to chat the writing process and especially the rewrite experience and was more than happy to give Jarrod a few notes on his pilot script although those notes were very much "Studio Notes" at best. 

Empowered Plot:

"Empowered" is a web series about five young female superheroes adjusting to their developing powers and the challenges they face as a threat to their very existence emerges. 

Empowered will be directed by Kris Wilcox, a visual storyteller, creative writer and acting enthusiast. When we talked for the interview I got a real sense that strong 3 dimensional female characters and a story with substance was important to her as a film maker something we have very much have in common.

The Director of Photography for the project is Isaac Musgrave. Isaac specializes in award winning visual storytelling. He enjoys creating high-end videos for nonprofit and educational clients for marketing, event and fundraising needs. Isaac and Jarrod have previously worked together on another project and you can tell that they work well together from their interactions.

I spoke to two of the cast for Empowered in the form of Laura Bane and James R. Ling. I got the impression that both were very much enjoying the process so far and couldn't wait to finally get on the set and show the world what they could do in front of a camera.

As someone who has both had the pleasure of chatting with those involved and read this script I can 100% recommend getting behind this project to you all. If you love strong and diverse characters and a plot that concerns itself more with real world issues instead of soap opera drama bullshit like so many others these days then you should get out your wallet and contribute what you can. They have some great incentives and this is a project that for once will live up to expectations.

You can find out more about Empowered and the indiegogo campaign at these links below:

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