Tuesday, 14 March 2017

And.....We Are Back!!

So this bitch fair grinds to a halt when I'm away from the office! It looks like Nesta took an unscheduled break when I took mine and missed a post or 5. So to catch all of you guys up we had a new podcast episode on Friday which was a clip show featuring past guests, my thoughts on the podcast so far and some wee outtakes. You can listen to it on this handy wee player.

In other news there is a massive online petition trying to land Horror Icon Robert Englund the role of Dr Loomis in the latest Halloween redux. This would be great casting in my eyes for fans of 80s horror and for fans of greatly under appreciated actors.

In other website related news we are slowly but surely building our own YouTube channel which will feature a mix of Terror Firma Media related videos and classic films. So when you all get a chance head on over to Terror Firma on YouTube and subscribe so you don't miss out on any of that content.

The first Classic...Ahem... up on the channel is Ed Wood's masterpiece Plan From Outer Space. You can find it by following the link to the YouTube channel or by waiting a few minutes for the article that will be popping up on this very website. 

We will also be making some big announcement this week regarding the channel so look out for them too.

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