Monday, 6 February 2017

This Friday On The Terror Firma Podcast

On this week's episode of the Terror Firma podcast my guest is my good friend and the creative genius behind The School Of The Damned, Royal Descent, Purity Ring and the man in charge over at Vital Publishing Mr. John Farman

John is not just one of my favourite Scottish or British comicbook writers in the business today but one of my favourite comicbook writers world-wide. He blends horror and social commentary better than just about anyone and his series are always highly original and more importantly good fucking fun to read as you are all aware if you follow the School Of The Damned serial on this site. If you haven't had the opportunity to I would highly recommend checking that out as well as his other great titles.

We talk the horror genre, Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, comics and so much more so join us as we not only talk shit but talk shit like a couple of nerdy neds would down the pub! 

You will also find Vital Publishing representing at this year's Edinburgh Comic Con on the 15th & 16th of April at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.  

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