Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Santa Clarita Diet Trailer

Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix - Official Trailer by FanReviews

Who all is looking forward to this new Netflix series created by Victor Fresco (Evening Shade, My Name Is Earl & Almost Perfect) and starring Drew Barrymore (Scream, E.T. & Donnie Darko) and Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Snowden & The Crazies). The series will be available from Feb 3rd and will consist of 13 gore-liciously funny episodes. 

Other cast members involved in this project are Firefly & Castle star Nathan Fillion and Hear No Evil & Concussion's Richard T. Jones. 

What do you guys all think- is this going to be the next big Netflix smash hit like Daredevil or the next flipity flop like Ridiculous 6?

And Remember:

"Stay scared and remember it's always quietest before the jump scare!"
- Drew Carson Editor In-Chief

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