Monday, 16 January 2017

Omen Star Sentenced For Road Rage Attack

Omen star Harvey Spencer Stephens was sentenced for a road rage attack a few days ago. Spencer Stephens 46, is reported to have lashed out at two cyclists after getting out of his car following a dispute on the 21st of August 2016, a court heard. 

He admitted to two counts of ABH and causing damage in the attack which occurred on Toys Hill, near Westerham, Kent.

Stephens was handed a suspended prison sentence at Maidstone Crown court.

Stephens became famous for portraying the role of the Damien in the 70s iconic horror franchise the Omen alongside megastar Gregory Peck. The Omen, one of the highest grossing films of it's time, raked in £50 million at the box office. 

The incident began as two cyclists were in front of him side by side on the road as one began to overtake the other. One of the cyclists apparently flipped the bird to "Damien", not a wise move, and Stephens pulled in front of them, came to a stop and got out his car. He punched one of them repeatedly

 knocking him  backwards and causing him various dental injuries and damaging his helmet, oo er. 

"Damien" had had no previous convictions and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity accepting he "behaved poorly". 

This isn't the usual kind of story I tend to report on and I wouldn't have if it hadn't gotten so much press. What he did was stupid and he deserves to be punished. What annoys me about this press story is if it wasn't for the fact he was in a hit movie 40 years ago this wouldn't have made the papers at all. You even have people saying its the curse of the Omen at foot here.... The curse of the Omen??? Really??? So he was cursed to get out his car and beat the shit out of someone was he??? I don't think so. Anyway as I said I wouldn't have normally commented on this or reported on it but the fascination of reporting these kinds of stories with a pseudo-celebrity connection really irritates me and I know I have added to it by reporting on it here haha but what is our fascination with celebrities, even z-list ones, getting into trouble?

And now we return to our usually scheduled Killertainment! 

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