Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Problem With Modern Horror

While setting this website up and watching a lot of horror flicks I would normally avoid due to knowing that they would not be my "kind of horror" movie I have come to a conclusion. Modern horror for the most part is not scary, is not horrifying, is not even well written!

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Since the dawn of cinema Hollywood and the rest of the world has had a love hate affair with the horror genre. Audiences have loved to be scared, horryfied and entertained. The problem is that modern horror movies genuinely do little of those things. Sure there are genuinely great ones 28 Days Later, Let The Right One In, Ringu and Thirst are all fine examples and they all share a few key similarities. 

1. Originality- Not in subject matter per say but in the way that subject matter is reworked and new life is breathed into it.

2. Relatable Characters- Characters that you get to know and understand before the shit hits the fan creating genuine suspense and tension.

3. Fuck All Jump Scares!- Real scare moments take time to build, more creativity and provoke a genuine "jump" from the audience. "Jump scares" are just loud noises for no fucking reason and tend to lead to false scares i.e. Someone's friend touches their shoulder, a cat jumps at the camera out of a cupboard or it was all a pissing dream. It is the single most over-utilized thing in horror since the the victim pulls back the shower curtain and no killer only to turn around and the killer was behind the door. 

Modern horror blueprint:

1. Tired Over Used Plots- How many found footage films do we have to sit through before we as an audience says enough is enough? How many Demonic Possession films following the same formula do we need to have shoved down our throats before we flip Hollywood the middle finger?

2. Wooden Characters- Characters that are there simply to die so why waste time giving them depth? That's Hollywood's opinion in 2016.

3. Fucking Jump Scares!!!- Every 10 minutes and for nothing. Why are we putting up with this, people, people,....anyone?

The reason found footage films get made and hell most of these clone movies get made is simple...That's shits cheap! Low production cost and they make money but why?

The reason is we as an audience have been become immune to what used to scare us. With the rise of the internet most of us have seen some crazy shit we never ever needed to see. Be it beheadings, bombing aftermaths or people committing suicide on camera we have seen crazier stuff than most film writer's could possibly conjure up. 

So in closing what was this rant about?

These films don't need to be shitty. Films such as The Conjuring, The Visit, REC and Insidious show that you can utilize the cheap jump scare trick and be forgiven if you also have "relatable characters", "originality" and a writer and director that know what they are doing. 

So Gore-Heads stop settling for shit and start demanding better we deserve better!

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