Saturday, 17 December 2016

Stephen King Revival Casting News!

With the recent news (Dec 15th) that Russell Crowe will be cast as Charles Jacobs in Josh Boone's (The Fault In Our Stars)  adaptation of Stephen King's Revival instead of the much rumoured Samuel L. Jackson it got me thinking if that casting makes sense and I am not quite sure if it does. I like Crowe in many of his roles, he's a great actor but I'm not sure he fits in well with this character and I was interested to see what Jackson would do with the role. I realise that the recent King adaptation starring Jackson (Cell) was to be kind a bag of shite but that was a film with on set and off set issues and became a clusterfuck of a filming experience. 

Another thing I was thinking about was that I'm also not convinced that Boone is the best choice for directing this movie adaptation but I will hold off judgement until I see the film as I have not seen any of his previous works. I pictured in my head when reading this book that if this was to become a movie it would be directed by Guillermo Del Toro as it's his kind of world to play with.

What are your thoughts:

Crowe yes or Crowe no?

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