Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Second Guest Announcement For The Podcast

I can now reveal the second guest to appear on the Terror Firma podcast, which debuts in January, and that guest is Naomi Grossman! Naomi is best known for portraying Pepper in season 2 and 4 of the hit television series American Horror Story. 

Naomi is also an incredibly talented comedienne showcased perfectly in her self written, produced and starred hit solo show "Carnival Knowledge: Love, Lust and Other Human Oddities," which she garnered tremendous rave reviews and a twice-extended sold out run.

Along with this she will be appearing in upcoming horror films Fear Inc, Sky Sharks and An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted).

On the show we talk about the success of American Horror Story, how such a talented comedienne wound up in the murky depths of horror and so much more so remember to check this site, the Facebook group and Twitter for all the updates and info for the podcast and Cha, Cha, Cha Ha, Ha, Ha Gore-Heads!

For More information on Naomi please check out her IMDB page and follow her on Twitter.

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